Traffic accident in France sees one horse killed and two severely injured

The back of the horse carrier following the accident
The back of the horse carrier following the accident Credit: YouTube

JOANNA ROBINSON, a Finnish Grand Prix horse rider who used to live in Coin was involved in a horrendous traffic accident in France which saw one of her horses put down.

She was travelling though France en route to the Netherlands where she had purchased stables on April 30 with a number of horses being carried in her vehicle.

Due to a flat tyre, she had to stop on the side of the motorway near Magescq when a Portuguese registered lorry ploughed into her vehicle and destroyed it.


There were reportedly five horses in the vehicle and one was so badly injured that it had to be put down on the spot by an attending vet.

Two of the other horses were severely injured whilst the other two escaped relatively lightly although whether there will be any lasting problems due to shock remains to be seen.

According to it took the police and workmen eight hours to clear the debris following the accident.


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