Tips for Creating a Successful Service Desk

Tips for Creating a Successful Service Desk

As your organization grows, you’ll also need to ensure your service desk can grow with you. If you are growing quickly, it becomes even more essential to have a successful service desk right from the start. By becoming more efficient, you’ll be able to save money and grow sustainably.

Have the Right Mindset Toward the IT Team

Good ITSM practices allow you to ensure productivity. An IT team can easily handle a high ticket volume, but the different types often make things challenging for the IT staff. Too many different types prevent the team from focusing on one area. If your company is growing, you may have a complex infrastructure. You likely have a range of equipment, software, and other applications connecting your organization.

Smaller companies might be able to get away with one support team to run everything. Still, a larger organization may need multiple teams. Otherwise, they may struggle to balance hardware support, system change requestions, account management, maintenance, and other tasks. Instead of giving the team so much variety, consider dividing the group into a couple of specialized ones. For example, you could have one team to handle workplace tools and another to take tech and local networks for each location. Since each team will take on more targeted work, life will become simpler. It lets the team focus on a few specific tasks instead of trying to handle everything. That way, they’ll be more likely to handle problems and incidents quicker since they’ll have a more profound knowledge.


Making Progress by Looking at the Big Picture

It’s best to regularly track key metrics, as many other IT organizations do. However, you’ll want to focus on the right areas so you can make the most of your measurements. Consider prioritizing the user experience, spending your time looking at the numbers that allow you to improve. Organize your data and then look at the areas it goes up or down. That way, you can figure out what makes an experience suitable and why someone else may have had a negative one. And you can also look at data from days with both high and low volume. The goal should be to prevent incidents, not just react when they happen. It helps the team be more effective.

Provide a Great Experience

It should not be difficult for your users to get the assistance they need. You can find service management software, so users only need to use one portal to get help. You may choose to link the help desk to other ones, such as HR and legal, so employees can get the services they need in one place. Make it easy to get to the necessary portals. It should be a short link that is not hard to type right into the browser. You could add this to part of new employee training, allowing everyone to get the necessary help when they need it. Don’t forget about self-service as well. Today, many people use self-service portals, but you’ll want to ensure they are easy to use.



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