New Youth Service to help those suffering in Manacor

Announcing the new meeting space
Announcing the new meeting space Credit: Manacor Council

AFTER  20 years of neglect, the Manacor Council is to concentrate on the well being and mental health of those aged between 12 and 30 with two specialists and a calm meeting place.

A budget of €100,000 has been made available to allow the employment of two full time members of staff and the new room has been created in the Espai Na Camel·la.

The Council has decided to devote attention to the Youth Department in the face of the urgency of the situation for many young people, who are in a difficult economic situation as currently in the Balearic Islands youth unemployment has reached 40 per cent.


This in turn has increased the number of attempted suicides and the situation has become one that needs to see positive action to help by the Council.

The new Youth Service will organize workshops on various topics with the aim of empowering them, improving their personal self-esteem and building healthier relationships and will also offer counselling for those who need it.


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