Mallorca faces risk of forest fires from now until October

On fire watch
On the alert for fires Credit: Balearic Government

THE risk of fire between May and October is higher than ever on Mallorca due to the relatively low level of rainfall and the Balearic Government is anxious to minimise risk.

Restrictions concerning the lighting of fires are in place and it is mandatory to obtain official approval for the any fire to be started on open ground within 500 metres of a forested area.

In Mallorca there are three bases for air crews to attack fires situated at Son Bonet, Petra and Pollensa as well as other bases in Ibiza and Menorca.


Dealing with forest fires is handled on an inter-island basis as although the human and material resources are distributed according to the different islands, the plan to handle outbreaks is designed and has protocols so that it is effective in all the forest surfaces of the Balearics.

Also, in the event of adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or extreme temperatures, the Ministry maintains the power to activate the automatic mechanism of suspension of authorised burns in areas adjacent to forest lands, in order to minimize situations of risk.

Already since the start of 2021, there have been 20 outbreaks of fire on Mallorca with significant damage done in Ariant (Pollensa) and Son Moll (Alcudia)

It is estimated that almost 90 per cent of forest fires are caused by negligence and everyone has an obligation to help stamp out the risk wherever possible.



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