Police Arrest Two Women Who Stabbed Malaga Girl

Police Arrest Two Women Who Stabbed Malaga Girl
Police Arrest Two Women Who Stabbed Malaga Girl. Image: Wikimedia

POLICE have arrested two women who allegedly stabbed a girl in Malaga.

Officers from the National Police have arrested two women who allegedly stabbed the girl in Malaga.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, police investigations suggest that the assault was due to an argument between the victim and one of the suspects over a boyfriend.


Police say the victim was stabbed by a 22-year-old woman and her 40-year-old mother after the she made contact with her ex-boyfriend, who is now going out with the 22-year-old.

The incident allegedly took place in a house in Malaga when the two suspects forced their way in and stabbed the girl with a knife.

The emergency services were notified and citizen security teams from the National Police appeared at the home. The agents helped the victim, covering the wounds on her arms and on one thigh, before she was transferred by health personnel to a hospital, requiring stitches for the cuts.

The Provincial Police Station of Malaga took charge of the investigations to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrators, who had left the scene. The investigation led the national police to arrest the mother and daughter for their alleged involvement in the crimes of serious injuries and breaking and entering.

After being arrested, both were turned over to the judicial authority.

The news comes after prosecutors asked for six years in prison for a man who stabbed another person in Malaga.

The alleged perpetrator attacked the victim trying to kill him, according to police.

The events took place in August 2017, when the victim was on a street in Malaga and, according to prosecutors, approached the suspect approached him and stabbed him.

Prosecutors say the man is guilty of attempted murder and are asking the accused be sentenced to six years in prison and to pay €2900 following the crime in Malaga.



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