The Two Reporters Murdered In Burkina Faso Have Been Recieved With All Honours

The Two Reporters Murdered In Burkina Faso
The Two Reporters Murdered In Burkina Faso. Image - Pixabay

The two reporters that were murdered in Burkina Faso have been received with all honours.

THE two reporters that were murdered in Burkina Faso have been received with all honours. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, and of Defence, Margarita Robles, were in charge of receiving the bodies on behalf of the government.


Their coffins arrived in an Air Force plane from Ouagadougou, the Burkinabe capital, to the Torrejón de Ardoz airbase (Madrid), at 9am. In addition to ministers in attendance, the families of the two were waiting for the arrival at the foot of the runway.

Along with the two Spanish reporters, the coffin founder of the NGO Chengeta Wildlife, Rory Young, who was with them at the time of the attack also arrived. Sile Maguire, the Irish Ambassador to Spain, was there to receive Rory Young’s remains.

The coffins of the three deceased were carried on the shoulders of 24 Air Force soldiers and were received by a military cordon of honour.

Fraile and Beriain were murdered on Monday during an attack by armed men on the group, who were documenting anti-poaching efforts. The circumstances of the incident are not currently clear.

The government of Burkina Faso, where the murders took place, has claimed “terrorists” are responsible for the events. However, the Foreign Minister said on Thursday that the information is still “very preliminary” and the authorities of the African country will hold an ongoing investigation to clarify who was behind the attack and what happened.

He also highlighted the “statement from a jihadist group that has taken charge of the attack,” referring to the Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims (JNIM), an affiliate of Al Qaeda in the Sahel that has published an audio message claiming to be responsible for the incident, “but this is not enough.”

“We want all the facts to be clarified,” he stressed.

The government has asked the authorities of Burkina Faso to “investigate the facts, clarify them and identify those responsible so that they can be brought to justice,” said González Laya, stressing that the “terrible” events cannot “fall into oblivion or impunity.”

Source: Ok Diario

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