Spanish town wants to see blockade of trade with Cuba overturned

Andalucian activists demand an end to the blockade
Andalucian activists demand an end to the blockade Credit: Consulate of Cuba Sevilla Twitter

IT was in 2019 that the Donald Trump Administration passed the most stringent laws trying to block not just American companies but others around the world with trading with Cuba.

During the Obama administrations relationships were established and sanctions started to be relaxed and due to the long-standing relationship with Cuba, Spanish businesses saw it a decent potential market.

With the election of the new President many Spanish politicians believe that the blockade should be stopped and the Council of the Andalucian town of Arahal has written to the National government demanding that it takes action to protect Spanish/Cuban commercial interests.


According to the Cuban Consulate in Sevilla, the document said “Cuban government and people have the full right to build a society in accordance with their own will, which has been decided and supported under democratic electoral exercise from 1959 to date.

“Cuba is not a threat to peace, on the contrary, it has contributed with its solidarity and altruistic vocation to other peoples´ development.”


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