Celebrations On The Streets Of Nerja And Maro For Day Of The Cross

Celebrations On The Streets Of Nerja And Maro For Day Of The Cross
Celebrations On The Streets Of Nerja And Maro For Day Of The Cross. Image - Ayuntamiento de Nerja

CELEBRATIONS to go ahead on the streets and squares of Nerja and Maro for Day of the Cross.

Nerja and Maro are to celebrate the Day of the Cross in the streets and squares. The Councillor for Popular Traditions, Elena Gálvez, announced that “on May 3 we celebrate the Day of the Cross, a deeply rooted holiday in our town, which fortunately we recovered this year, although we will enjoy it in a different way, due to the pandemic situation”.


“There will be a total of eight crosses that will be made by associations, neighbourhood groups and commercial establishments in different areas of the town,” explains the councillor, and continues, “two will be in Maro, specifically in the gardens of the Home and Social Center and in the Plaza de la Iglesia de las Maravillas. In Nerja we will be able to see them exhibited on the Balcón de Europa, in the neighborhoods of Los Poetas and Las protected, in Calle Nueva, in the interior plaza Edificio Balcón de Europa and in Plaza España”.

The crosses will be entered into a raffle and the best three will be awarded vouchers for businesses in the Open Shopping Center, Nerja Centro. The first prize winner will receive €200, the second will receive €250 and the third will be €100.

Although this is an exciting and positive move away from the continuing health crises, Gálvez said that because of the pandemic measures will have to be taken to prevent any spread of the virus. There will be no food or drink served and there will not be music devices installed.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Nerja

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