Old Street Lights Turned Into Library In Village In Malaga

Old Street Lights Turned Into Library In Village In Malaga
Old Street Lights Turned Into Library In Village In Malaga. Image - Pixabay

OLD street lights are being turned into unique libraries in a village in Malaga.

A unique library has been launched by the local council in Cuevas del Becerro, a village in the Guadalteba area of inland Malaga. Books in the Biblioteca Libre (free library) will be stored in old street lights that the village used to use. There are one hundred books of all genres that people will be able to take out, read and then return – just like in a normal library.


Councillor José Antonio Gallego said: “The old street lights have been replaced by LED lighting, so we’ve decided to give them a new purpose.” He said there will be six ‘shelves’ around the village that will be filled with books, including at El Nacimiento, a public park that is often used for poetry recitals.

Gallego added: “One of the shelves here will be filled with poetry books.” A very fitting and beautiful idea for the park.

The books were taken to the street lights on a donkey called Pamela for the opening on Monday. Organisers would like to get children involved in the initiative, which coincided with World Book Day on April 23.

Other sites, such as Paseo del Tilín, will have reading spaces available in the hopes of encouraging as many people as possible to get involved in the cultural initiative.

Source: SUR

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