Iglesias Accused Of Hindering The Investigation Into Letter Containing Bullets

Iglesias Accused Of Hindering Bullet Investigation
Iglesias Accused Of Hindering Bullet Investigation. Image Credit: Pablo Iglesias Twitter

PABLO IGLESIAS has been accused of hindering the investigations into a public threat he received on Thursday, an envelope containing a letter and four bullets.

Pablo Iglesias was quick to make public the threat he received this Thursday, which was an envelope containing four cartridges of 7.62 × 51 calibre bullets – ammunition used in war weapons. Police officers have now said that they believe he may have alerted the author, inciting him to destroy evidence and hindering the investigation. Photographing the bullets could have also broken the chain of custody.


The speed with which Iglesias released images of the threats through his social networks has complicated the investigative work of the National Police, according to officers from the ‘XXI Century Police’ association.

It is of the opinion of officers that the threats: “should be clarified by their seriousness, while still being something normal in all countries that politicians of this level receive threats because the world is full of madmen and fanatics. What is not so normal is that as soon as they receive it, one of those involved goes to social networks to tell it with a photo included, that, together with the rudeness of the day after in a radio station, has made many people think that this The threat has been used as a political strategy.”

“The Police do not care about all this, they are political speeches and they are not our responsibility. What is up to us is to ensure the arrest of the author and the first problem arises from the attitude of Pablo Iglesias in making it public. In this type of anonymous crimes, one of the strengths of the police is the relaxation of the author, who has been activated in his defence instinct “, they explain.

“This reaction of the author of the letters with bullets, when seeing his ‘work’ in the media, could lead him to ‘the destruction of evidence.’ The first advice given is to keep quiet. Threats are received many, only that not everyone does campaign politics with them,” they added.

They consider that by making the threats known to the public before reporting them to the police has done “damage to the investigation.”

“We want to believe that before giving it to Iglesias, a team of Scientific Police would take the evidence to a laboratory for analysis and expert report. If not, things are even more serious,” they concluded.

Source: okdiario

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