Health Experts Now Telling People To Wear TWO Masks

Health Experts Now Telling People To Wear TWO Masks
Health Experts Now Telling People To Wear TWO Masks. Credit: Pixabay

HEALTH experts are now telling people to wear TWO masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

According to the CDC, we should all be wearing double masks as this could prevent the spread of Covid-19 by nearly 95 per cent.


They claim that double masking can prevent leakage of air by fitting the contours of the face better, which in turn will help to prevent the spreading of the virus from one person to another.

They have said we should wear both a cloth mask and a surgical mask, “knotting the ear loops of the surgical mask where they attach to the mask’s edges and then tuck in and flatten the extra material close to the face.”

According to CDC numbers, they have recorded that “unknotted surgical masks blocked only 56.1 per cent, while a cloth mask blocked only 51.4 per cent cough particles.”

“A knot and tuck surgical mask blocked 77 per cent.”

A combination of both a cloth mask and a surgical mask “blocked cough particles up to 85.4 per cent.”

They have advised making sure you can breathe properly when wearing both masks together, making sure you can talk freely and also practice wearing both around your house beforehand so you can assess the comfort and fit.

It has been advised to not spray your mask with chemical disinfectants, not to wear two surgical masks at one time, and to also assess the cleanliness of masks you are going to wear – making sure they are not visibly damaged or soiled.

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