What Do You Know About The Spanish “65 Card”?

What Do You Know About The Spanish
What Do You Know About The Spanish "65 Card"? - Image - Pixabay

WHAT do you know about the Spanish “65 card” and how it can benefit you?

In Spain, those of 65-years-of-age and over are entitled to a “65 card” (Tarjeta sesentaycinco), which is essentially a card for pensioners that gives you lots of benefits and discounts! The card is free, valid for five years and is also available to British citizens. Sounds good, right?


However, it would seem many over 65s in Spain did not even know this card existed. Others have the card but are unsure as to whether they need to renew it manually or whether the card is automatically renewed for them.

Michael asked whether he needed to renew the card himself: “Just realised my 65 card has expired. Can it be renewed online?”

Pauline asked: “I would like to know what a 65 card is as well, please??? Is it a secret club!” with others asking how you obtain the card.

The main discounts for those 65 and over, according to the Support in Spain website, are:

  • Telecare / teleassistencia at a minimum monthly fee
  • Half price on buses subsidised by the Junta de Andalucía that link towns
  • Glasses with 30 to 55% discount
  • Hearing aids with 30 to 35% discount
  • Various discounts in hotels, cinemas, sporting events, attractions
  • Access to a legal guidance service (generally in Spanish) available in certain day centres for the elderly run by the regional government
  • Access to a subsidised lunch service available at select regional government day centres for seniors (and an additional 50% discount if you have the gold card level)

(This list is specific to those in Andalucia, you can check other provinces using a quick google search.)

Regarding the question of renewing the card, the Support in Spain website states: “When renewal is due, a new copy should be sent to you automatically.”

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