Prosecutor’s Office Drops Case Against Velez-Malaga Mayor

Prosecutor’s Office Drops Case Against Velez Malaga Mayor
Prosecutor’s Office Drops Case Against Velez Malaga Mayor. Image: Ayuntamiento de Velez Malaga

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has dropped the case against the mayor of Velez-Malaga for not holding a council meeting.

PROSECUTORS have dropped the case after the mayor of Velez-Malaga was accused of not holding a council meeting.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has withdrawn its accusation against the mayor of Velez-Malaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer.


A private prosecution still maintains its request for 15 years’ disqualification from office for the mayor.

Public prosecutors said they had withdrawn their case after the result of a trial found there was not enough evidence.  The trial is awaiting sentencing.

Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer is facing disqualification from office after political opponents in Velez-Malaga accused him of preventing one party from attending a council meeting.

The mayor allegedly, “prevented the exercise of the right to the councillors who appeared, with the plenary hall closed,” after refusing to hold a council meeting requested by political party the Partido Popular (PP).

The incident took place in December 2017 when the PP requested an urgent council meeting on eight points they wanted to raise, however they claim the mayor told them their request had not been submitted correctly and gave them 10 days to remedy it.

They say the mayor then only allowed a meeting on the eighth point the PP had raised.

According to the prosecutor, the council session was held “only with the proposed eighth point,” and that the mayor then ruled the PP had given up its request for a meeting on their other points.

The prosecutor says the mayor did this, “knowing that a report had been issued by the secretary indicating that the government team must hold the requested meeting.”

The case is now at trial in Malaga.



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