New Details from Marbella Teacher Post-Mortem Point to AstraZeneca Vaccine


NEW details in the post-mortem of a Marbella teacher suggest her death could have been down to the AstraZeneca vaccine she received.

The latest post-mortem report following the death of a teacher in Marbella points to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, Pilar Gonzalez Bres’s death could have been due to the AstraZeneca vaccine she had received.


After a post-mortem initially ruled out a link between the jab and the teacher’s death, a report has found that she did not have any diseases which would have made her more likely to suffer the blood clot which killed her.

Experts say they now believe her death could have been due to the AstraZeneca vaccine she received two weeks before her death.

Last month it was reported that a post-mortem carried out on the 43-year-old woman who died in Marbella ruled in its initial findings that there is no relationship between her death and the vaccine.

The woman, who was a teacher at Guadalpin Secondary School in Marbella, went to an emergency room with a headache just a few hours after being vaccinated on March 3. She went to the hospital twice more, and on the third visit a CT scan showed a massive brain haemorrhage. Doctors attempted to surgically drain the fluid which had accumulated on the brain but were unable to save her. She died on Tuesday, March 16 in Marbella.

The news comes after controversy over whether the AstraZeneca vaccine could cause side effects.

Several countries stopped administering the vaccines following concerns over blood clots, however experts have said that the risk of them is very low.

In the UK, experts have now recommended that the AstraZeneca jab is not given to those aged under 30 after reports of side effects in that age group following the administering of the vaccine.



  1. WHat people have to remember is that all the covid “vaccines” have only been licensed for emergency use and are still in the clinical trial stage. Therefore, anyone who is being “vaccinated” with these experimental gene therapies is taking part in a clinical trial and as such, should be asked to sign a consent form to take part in a clinical trial. Undertaking medical experiments on humans without their consent and without them being fully informed of any potential risks is illegal under international law


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