Marbella Working to Become Quality Tourist Destination

Marbella Working to Become Quality Tourist Destination
Marbella Working to Become Quality Tourist Destination. Image: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA Council has announced plans to work towards making the town a quality tourist destination.

The council said it wants Marbella to become a quality tourist destination.

According to Marbella council it is working to position the town in the quality tourism sector.


The Mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, said the council would work with the University of Malaga on a plan to improve Marbella as a tourist destination.

The mayor thanked the head of the educational institution, Antonio Guevara, for his cooperation “to study where this sector is going at a time which is marked by the current crisis arising from the pandemic.”

She said: “The plan will serve to establish the necessary points in order to optimise and enhance our resources and services.”

She added: “We must prepare with all available weapons and what best way to do that than in the hand of the experts of the university and of the University Institute of Investigation of Intelligence and Tourist Innovation, that will be in charge of making the document.”

The mayor said: “The goal is to remain positioned as a world leader in the quality of our services and infrastructure and as an ideal destination to visit, live and invest in.”

She added: “As an administration we are obliged to better understand all our competitive advantages and that they are not sufficiently exploited, as well as the strengths and weaknesses and strategies to follow to reverse the negatives and strengthen the positives.”

She said: “We want to remain at the forefront of tourism and this plan will allow us to achieve this strategic goal and be prepared for when we emerge from the current crisis in all areas.”

Antonio Guevara said: “It is a necessary initiative to direct the tourism policy of Marbella.”

The news comes after Spain is set to introduce vaccine passports to encourage tourism again to popular areas, including the Costa del Sol.



  1. If Marbella wants to position itself as a ‘quality tourist destination’ the first step is to rid the area of drug dealers, robbers, gangsters, thieves, prostitutes & myriad other criminals who make life a misery for tourists & residents alike.


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