Three Cars Catch Fire in Velez-Malaga

Three Cars Catch Fire in Velez Malaga
Three Cars Catch Fire in Velez Malaga. Image: Malaga Provincial Fire Consortium

Three cars caught fire in Velez-Malaga, leaving firefighters to come out to extinguish the flames.

THE cars caught fire in Velez-Malaga.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, members of the Provincial Fire Consortium extinguished the flames which affected three cars.


The fires broke out this morning, damaging three cars.

Emergency services received the first call warning of a fire in a car, before later receiving another warning of detonations and cars burning in Calle Arroyo Hondo.

No one was injured by the fires, and members of the Provincial Fire Consortium and Local Police attended the scene.

The news comes after an arsonist in Sevilla set fire to a row of cars.

The 112 Andalucia Emergency services deployed members of the Sevilla municipal rescue and fire extinguishing service, along with patrols from the National and Local Police, after reports of a number of cars on fire in the Barzola neighborhood of Sevilla.

It was noted that this was the exact same street where an identical incident had taken place in April 2020 when 15 vehicles had been set on fire in two nights.

Investigating officers reported that the fires had originated from one car before spreading to several other cars along the street but they were soon extinguished by the fire services.



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