NERO Signature Cocktail Competition ‘Rocks The RokaBar’

NERO Signature Cocktail Competition 'Rocks The Roka Bar'
The winning trio- Fabricio L- and Ivan and Sascha ! Image: Gabriella- GK Photos

NERO Signature Cocktail Competition ‘Rocks The RokaBar’.

NERO premium Vodka were sponsors of the Nero Signature Cocktail Competition held at the RokaBar in Elviria Marbella today, Thursday, April 22. The proceedings kicked off just after 2 pm with one of the coast’s favourite entertainers, Mr Johhny G as the compere.

Johhny and Nicola Morrisey and Pedro Garcia all toasting the fabulous event. Photo, Ron Howells- EWN

Sitting on the judge’s panel was one of Spain’s top Flair Champions, Mr Pedro García. Taking centre chair was CEO of NERO Vodka, Mrs Nicola Morrisey who explained all the rules of the competition and said that the winning creation would be used as part of the NERO Vodka campaign. Ron Howells from EWN was chosen as the other judge.


Minutes before the start, Maria from MAX Beach wishes everyone good luck. image: Ron Howells EWN

NERO Signature Cocktail competition rules

The bartenders had six minutes to prepare three drinks for the judges – the name of the cocktail and the list of ingredients were handed in before the competition with
a short description of the cocktail (what inspired its creation etc).

Competitors had to use measures (jiggers) and were allowed to wear branded uniforms to advertise their workplace or the company they represent. The judging criteria was: Originality 20Pts, Creativity/Presentation 20Pts, Theme/Inspiration 20Pts, Efficiency / Professionalism 20Pts, Taste 20Pts

The cocktails’ requirements

At least 30ml of NERO VODKA had to be used and the cocktail could not use more than six ingredients. Cocktails had to be stirred, shaken, blended, or over ice – hot drinks were not permitted.
There were no regulations regarding the style of the cocktail, and they could have been in the category of long drinks like aperitifs, frozen cocktails, etc….

Any other ingredients such as purees, syrups, bitters, juices could be used – the ingredients could have been either homemade or store-bought.
Any decorations and garnishes must have been edible, otherwise, they would not have been considered as ingredients.

Seven flair bartenders from some of the coast’s top establishments, including Max Beach,  MAO (The newly opened Chinese restaurant in Max Beach), The Beach House Marbella, The Harbour Marbella, and La Sala Marbella were entered and all dazzled the crowd with their flair skills and creations.

NERO Signature Cocktail Competition
Compare Johhny G waits to announce the first contestant. image: Ron Howells EWN

As Johhny announced the first competitor the music was turned up and Jaron Burt for The Harbour took centre stage and set up ready for the timer to start. In order of presentation they were;

Jaron- from The Harbour Bar Marbella- named his drink ‘Roasted Peach & Rosemary Sour’.

Kelly Delaney from The Playwright Marbella entered with ‘Shakespeare’s Love’.

Sascha Winzec (solo entry) called his drink  ‘Nero Spiced Ginger Love’.

Mark Cousins- representing MAX Beach pool bar-  produced his ‘Summer Mirage’.

Damien Gosselk was also representing MAX Beach- his creation was called ‘Dragon Punch’.

The sixth entrant was Ivan Conesa from the Beach House Marbella with ‘Woman in Red’.

NERO Signature Cocktail
The winning creation from Ivan Conesa, The Beach House Marbella, we all thought it was a worthy winner, check out the chilli jelly on top… Photo Gabriella GK Photos

Finally, it was the turn of Fabricio from MAO restaurant, MAX Beach. His drink was in keeping with the theme of the new Chinese restaurant that has recently opened in MAX Beach that is already proving popular with locals and visitors to the area alike and was called ‘Hónghâi‘.

After the judges held a ten-minute private meeting to discuss the entries the compere called all contestants back to the front of the stage. Johhny G  then announced the third prize was won by Sascha the ‘Showman,’ – a well-deserved round of applause was given by the appreciative crowd. Johhny then called on Fabricio, who came second, from MAX Beach to collect his prize too- a cocktail mix set.

NERO Signature Cocktail
The winner – Ivan Conesa from the Beach House. image: Gabriella -GK Photos

NERO Signature Cocktail Competition Winner

The last and final huge round of applause went to Ivan Conesa from the Beach House for his creation ‘Woman in Red’ who collected his €200 prize with a huge smile and stood down to be congratulated by the other contestants and the CEO of NERO Vodka herself, Mrs Nicola Morrisey.

NERO Vodka has another massive event coming up in May for the Costa del Sol, watch this space, I’m sworn to secrecy – it’s going to be huge!


Ron Howells
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