More Confusion for Expats Returning To Spain from UK

Connecting Flights From India Still Arriving In Spain
Connecting Flights From India Still Arriving In Spain image: pixabay

It would seem there is even more confusion for expats returning to Spain from the UK at the moment.

THE Internet and Facebook pages are awash with confusing and contradicting information for expats returning to Spain from the UK.


Since January 1, 2021, when the UK officially left the European Union, expats have been faced with a string of hurdles when trying to return back to Spain.

It would appear, judging by what expats are saying on social media, that your chances of being allowed to return to Spain from the UK rely a lot on which airline you fly with, and which airports you fly in and out of.

Jessica said: “I am stuck in the UK. I checked my residency application status this morning to find ‘Resuelto – Favorable’. I am thrilled but would like to know if I can now get back to Spain with this. I had problems with easyJet in March from Gatwick to Alicante because they would only accept the TIE or residency document. It was a very stressful experience and I would not want to go through that again, so am rather reluctant to risk it. I would really appreciate it if anyone has any experience of travelling with their favourable decision email.”

Jessica’s situation isn’t an isolated one, EWN has previously covered stories of confused expats trying to return to Spain believing that they have the correct documentation only to be turned around at the airport and forced back to the UK.

Mark said: “It seems that sadly the rules change depending on who you fly with or where you fly from.” This is because some people have been allowed to fly and enter into Spain with their “NIE, rental contract and Padron,” said Tracey, whilst others have been forced back to the UK once arriving at the airport in Spain.

Liam claims he was allowed to fly and enter into Spain without his TIE: “Rental contract and NIE are both sufficient for entry. I returned at the start of March with no Padron or no TIE, just work contract, a rental contract, and NIE,” also saying: “I think it depends where you fly from/to and airline. We’ve been travelling from Gatwick to Malaga with easyJet.”

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau Spain states the only people include, amongst others such as military works and health care professionals: “Residents of the EU, Schengen states, Andorra, the Vatican and San Marino who are travelling to their place of residence,” and “long term Spanish visa holders.”

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