Thousands Of Cars In Spain Will Be Cancelled By DGT

Thousands Of Cars In Spain Will Be Cancelled By DGT
Thousands Of Cars In Spain Will Be Cancelled By DGT. Image - Pixabay

The DGT will suddenly cancel thousands of cars in Spain that have not passed their ITV or have not been insured for over 10 years.

EWN previously reported on how millions of vehicle owners could face fines for not having insurance. It has now been announced that thousands of cars in Spain that have not been insured for over 10 years or have not passed their ITV, so-called zombie cars, will be suddenly cancelled by the DGT.


The Official State Gazette (BOE) published last week a Royal Decree on end-of-life vehicles that includes, among other new features, the establishment of one year from the date of application for the temporary deregistration of a vehicle.

After this time period, if an extension hasn’t been requested, the car will be in active status again which will mean the corresponding administrative and fiscal obligations, such as the payment of the circulation tax, are to be addressed. The extension may be requested at the Traffic Headquarters and has to be requested no later than two months before the end date of the temporary deregistration. Many vehicles were temporarily deregistered so that illegal scrapyards could export them or cut them up with a lower tax burden.

Another of the rules included in this Royal Decree is the obligation to pass an ITV inspection on cars that have been declared a total loss by the insurance company, whether the owner intends to continue with it or for it to be transferred to another owner.

“This measure aims, on the one hand, to guarantee that after the accident the vehicle complies with the technical conditions required for circulation and, on the other hand, to provide transparency in the second-hand or second-hand vehicle market, providing the technical history of the model to anyone interested in its purchase,” the government has said.

In the event that a vehicle is to be registered and transferred to another country, the owner or person who accredits its ownership, once the deregistration of the vehicle for export or Community transit has been communicated, must organise the removal of the vehicle from Spain within the following three months from the deregistration of the vehicle registry of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). Also, the vehicle will be required to pass a technical inspection before being permanently deregistered for transfer if the model is more than four years old since its first registration

Source: La Provincias

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