The Two Basic Covid Measures Regularly Broken In Spain

The Two Basic Covid Measures Regularly Broken In Spain
The Two Basic Covid Measures Regularly Broken In Spain. Image - Pixabay

A survey has revealed the two basic Covid measures that are regularly broken in Spain.

A SPANISH consumer association survey that took place in the last week of March has revealed that there are some Covid measures that are complied with more than others. However, there are two in particular that people said they regularly don’t follow.


The Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) found that half of those who took the survey never, or almost never, maintain a social distance of two metres during a meeting, and only a quarter always follow the rule.

Another Covid measure designed to prevent the spread of the virus that is most often ignored relates to meetings in private homes with people that you don’t live with. In most of the regions, a maximum number of six people are allowed to meet, but the OCU report reveals that half of the respondents admitted to breaking the rule and 7 per cent said they did not respect it.

The OCU and many other health experts warn that one of the main reasons leading to the increase in Covid infections during the waves of the pandemic has been meetings in private spaces where the use of the face mask or social distancing are often relaxed or not complied with at all.

However, there are some Covid restrictions that the survey participants do believe are being met. These are measures relating to the opening and closing times of the hospitality trade, as well as the curfew.

Almost nine out of 10 people that took part in the survey consider that in the area in which they live the opening hours of bars and restaurants are always respected (49 per cent) or almost always respected (39 per cent).

Some 84 per cent think that the night curfew is always or almost always respected. When asked directly whether they comply, the OCU says that 78 per cent said they always do, and 18 per cent almost always do.

Source: SUR

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