Brother of Acid Attacker El Melillero Investigated for Assault

Brother of Acid Attacker El Melillero Investigated for Assault
Brother of Acid Attacker El Melillero Investigated for Assault. Image: Guardia Civil

THE brother of alleged acid attacker El Melillero is being investgated for assault, it has emerged.

The man, who is the brother of El Melillero, is being investigated for assault.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the Guardia Civil arrested him after finding that the Fuengirola police were looking for him for an alleged assault.


The brother of Jose Arcadio DN, who is also called ‘El Melillero’, was arrested after a young man accused him of assaulting him.

El Melillero’s brother has since been released, however he was also arrested earlier this year accused of helping his brother escape following an acid attack against two women in Cartama.

His arrest for assault took place after Guardia Civil stopped him in Mijas and found he had an arrest warrant out against him issued by the Fuengirola police.

Jose Arcadio’s brother has since appeared at the Court of Instruction number 3 in Fuengirola.

According to sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), the judge released him on probation for an alleged crime of injury while an investigation into him continues.

The news comes after Police in Malaga arrested a man they think may have thrown the acid used in the El Melillero case which saw two women have acid thrown at them while they were sitting in a car in Cartama.

According to reports, police believe the acid may not have been thrown by El Melillero and was instead thrown by a man traveling with him, who officers have now arrested.

While police previously thought the acid attack was carried out by Jose Arcadio D N, they now believe an as yet unnamed co-conspirator was the one who threw the acid, with El Melillero planning the crime.

The latest suspect has now been arrested on suspicion of being a co-conspirator of the acid attack which was carried out against El Melillero’s ex-girlfriend and one of her friends in Cartama, Malaga.

While the two victims named El Melillero as the man who had thrown acid at them, witnesses also reported seeing another man escaping with El Melillero by car, leading police to search for him.

The man was eventually found during the search of a house in Fuengirola.



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