Brits in Spain Speak Out After Andalucia Offers €4M to Help Bullfighting

Brits in Spain Speak Out After Andalucia Offers €4M to Help Bullfighting
Brits in Spain Speak Out After Andalucia Offers €4M to Help Bullfighting. Image: Wikimedia

BRITS in Spain are speaking out after it emerged the government in Andalucia is investing €4 million to help bullfighting during the pandemic.

Expats in Spain have hit out after it was announced that Andalucia would spend millions to help the bullfighting sector after the pandemic.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the Junta de Andalucia is offering €4 million in aid to the bullfighting sector after its financial losses.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has presented at the meeting of the Autonomous Executive a plan that seeks to compensate its holders for financial losses due to Covid restrictions.

The aid, which will be granted on a non-competitive basis, will offer an initial amount of €250 per animal and could increase by up to an additional €400 euros.

The pandemic has harmed reportedly harmed the bullfighting sector after games were stopped, while the costs of looking after bulls on farms increased.

Those supporting the move say it will help to protect an Andalucian tradition, as well as the environmental work of the wild bull in sustaining the grassland ecosystem and maintaining the rural tradition or rearing these breeds.

However, some Brits in Spain have criticised the move, accusing it of promoting cruelty to animals.

One expat said: “I think the government using that amount of money for a sport that I believe should be banned is terrible.  I do not think the business of torturing and hurting animals should be funded with public money and I am sure that money could be used in a much more worthwhile way.”

Another reader said: “I am totally against bullfighting, and I struggle to understand why the so-called sport still exists.

“But I do appreciate it is a long-standing tradition in Spain and people’s livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic.”

The Andalucian government said the money will be used to help support the bullfighting sector as well as to look after the animals.



  1. What the Spanish wish to do concerning a national sport is for the Spanish to decides.
    Britons have no say in this matter.

    I live here and am not keen on Bullfighting but it is a Spanish affair.

    • 100% agree with Martin, these entitled Brits who come here and then complain about the culture: noise, bullfights, whatever, they need to go somewhere else, they won’t be happy here in Spain.

    • So I guess the above writers also would be silent in Thailand and India where they use children as sexslaves? Just because it is their country and we shouldn’t interfere? Really. We should always stand up for cruelty against animals and people. While many businesses close down, while many people have lost their jobs, while thousands of children don’t have a hot meal a day, this is absolutely the last thing that should be supported.


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