How Do You Feel About Returning Back To The Workplace?

How Do You Feel About Returning Back To The Workplace?
How Do You Feel About Returning Back To The Workplace? Image - Pixabay

With vaccinations increasing, how do you feel about returning back to the workplace once it’s safe to?

IT has been over a year since Covid-19 quickly forced staff out of workplaces and into working from their homes, filled with uncertainty about what will happen next and how long the pandemic will last.


Although most haven’t looked back since, many are aware that they will be returning to a very different type of workplace. If they return at all, that is.

The European Commission reported that in 2019, just 5.4 per cent of employees in the European Union worked from home. Now that figure could run as high as 88 per cent.

Business practices have been completely changed during the health crisis, but many have found it to be beneficial. The majority of companies are happy to entertain a flexible approach to where and how their employees work.

Many workers have also seen the benefits of working from home, such as a better work-life balance, more time spent with their family, and not having to commute to the office saving them time and money.

However, not everyone is enjoying spending so much time at home, with some feeling that any longer spent in the confines of their makeshift home offices will, or already is, causing real problems for mental wellbeing. Millions have been left feeling isolated and burned out, working increasingly longer hours, and missing the contact they had with colleagues in the workplace.

EWN reader, Beth, said: “At first working from home was a bit of a novelty. I enjoyed not having to get ready for work as early and not having to commute on the Metro. However, I have found it has now taken a toll on my mental health and I am starting to miss the business of the commute and talking to my colleagues in person. Restrictions also don’t help, as I finish work and don’t have much time to go out and socialise with friends so some days I have noticed I don’t have much communication with anyone for days.”

Sources: Euronews & EAE

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