Over 20 Illegal Immigrants Reach the Andalucian Coast Today

Over 20 Illegal Immigrants Reach the Andalucian Coast Today
Over 20 Illegal Immigrants Reach the Andalucian Coast Today

OVER 20 illegal immigrants reached the Andalucian coast in boats today.

This Sunday, a total of 23 illegal immigrants reached the Andalucian coast on boats after travelling through the Alboran Sea or the Strait of Gibraltar this weekend. Of the 23, 13 arrived in Almeria, five arrived in Cadiz and another five arrived in Motril.


At approximately 10 am today, National Police transferred 13 people – a woman, a minor and 11 men – to the port of Almeria, whilst five men of Maghreb origin arrived in Motril, Granada, around dawn.

An NGO spokesperson told Europa Press that Red Cross volunteers attended to the last five people at approximately 2:45 am, after being mobilised by the 11 emergency services.

11 emergency services confirmed to Europa Press that the five men were found by the Civil Guard following a warning they received from people adrift on a barge yesterday afternoon. Apparently, they are in good health and are all of adult age.

As reported by a Rescue spokesperson to Europa Press, the Maritime Rescue workers also received a warning of a boat departing from Tangier yesterday and at around 11:40 am a boat spotted the occupants of the barge rowing.

Operators located these five people in the water due to the infra-boat suffering a puncture and overturning. The five men of sub-Saharan origin have now been taken to the port of Algeciras and are said to be in good health.

Source: Ok Diario

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