Queen to Decide on Prince Andrew’s Funeral Demands in 24 Hours

Queen to Decide on Prince Andrew's Demand in 24 Hours
Queen to Decide on Prince Andrew's Demand in 24 Hours Credit - Twitter

OVER the next 24 hours, the Queen will make a decision on Prince Andrew’s demand to wear military uniform to Prince Philip’s funeral.

The Queen will have to come to a conclusion within the next 24 hours on whether her son, Prince Andrew, will be allowed to wear his military uniform at Prince Philip’s funeral.


According to reports, Prince Andrew demanded to wear a full military uniform for Prince Philip’s funeral which is to be held on Saturday. The Duke of York holds the rank of honorary Vice-Admiral, however, he has requested to attend Prince Philip’s funeral as an Admiral. Royal Central has said that the rank Andrew will be able to attend as will be confirmed by the Queen within the next 24 hours.

Last year, on his 60th birthday, Andrew was due to be made an Admiral in the Royal Navy, however, the Duke of York had to turn down the promotion following stepping out of public life. Andrew stepped away from public life after speculation that he received from a BBC Newsnight interview in which he spoke of his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Around the time of the speculation, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said: “By convention, the Duke of York would be in line for military promotion on his 60th birthday.

“Following the decision by His Royal Highness to step back from public duties for the foreseeable future, the Duke of York has asked the Ministry of Defence if this promotion might be deferred until such time that His Royal Highness returns to public duty.”

There has also been questions and speculation over whether Prince Harry, who gave up his military roles when he stopped being a working royal, should wear his military attire.

Source: Express

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