Mijas Women’s Centre Organises A Female Self Defence Course

Mijas Women's Centre Organises A Female Self Defence Course
Mijas Women's Centre Organises A Female Self Defence Course.

MIJAS Women’s Centre Organises A Self Defence Course every Saturday for three months

The Mijas Women’s Center, part of the Department of Equality and Diversity of the municipality of Mijas, last Saturday 10 organised their first female self-defense course, at the Mijas Local Police Headquarters, a new initiative that is aimed at enabling women to defend themselves in any dangerous situation in which they may be involved, and to be able to defend themselves against any attack.

Marcondes Sánchez, an officer with the Local Police force of Mijas, is the person responsible for giving the training, being a very capable and experienced officer who also trains the Mijas policemen in personal defense and shooting instruction.


Officer Sánchez said, “regardless of the technique that is learned, the most important thing is self-esteem, that is, having security, that women walk on the street safely and that they are not scared”.

He added, “A security that starts from a technique that supplies the greatest possible strength that the aggressor may have because there are other very important attributes, not only strength, such as agility, dexterity, precision, and all these things can be refined by practicing what allows the balancing of the scale”.

The course will be split into 12 sessions, spread over the Saturdays of April, May, and June, from 10am to 12 midday, with Natalia Martínez commenting, “the empowerment is very important, and this course makes us feel more confident about ourselves, and increases our confidence to be able to face any situation in a positive and courageous way, with tools that teach us to defend ourselves against any situation that we may encounter”.

Sara and Andrea Ramírez, two of the females enrolled in the Mijas Women’s Centre course agreed that “many times with the simple fact of showing yourself safe and that you are not going to let them overwhelm you, you have already won the confrontation, and that is what I am looking for by coming to this course, the security of knowing how to face a dangerous situation”, as reported by mijascomunicacion.org.

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