Princess Anne Pays Tribute to Prince Philip

Princess Anne Pays Tribute to Prince Philip
Princess Anne Pays Tribute to Prince Philip Credit: Twitter

Princess Anne pays tribute to Prince Philip as social media becomes awash with mems and disrespectful posts.

Princess Anne has paid tribute to her father Prince Philip after his tragic death on Friday, April 9. The news of his death at Windsor Castle shook the nation but social media has witnessed a different side, and has seen disrespectful posts and even comments on the Queen already being on Tinder.

Princess Anne spoke of the Duke of Edinburgh and told ITV that, “Without him life will be completely different.”


“From society’s perspective he was able to keep pace with the kind of technological changes that have such an impact… but above all that it’s not about the technology it’s about the people” as reported OK.

She went on to explain how the Prince consort role had dramatically developed over the years and explained that, “It must have evolved quite dramatically from the early stages. I don’t think the structure in terms of support to the monarchy was designed to deal with a consort.

“Nobody had thought about what he was going to do. And it took a while to find people who understood he had extraordinary experience and skills that they could make use of. But he also found ways he could make an impact.”

Princess Anne spoke of how he had left his naval career in 1951 in order to be at her Majesty’s side in her royal duties. Prince Philip and the Queen were married for a staggering 73 years before his death which shook the nation.

Shockingly though the social media world has seen disrespectful mems and posts abound regarding Prince Philip’s death. One post went as far as suggesting that the Queen was already up on Tinder in search of a new partner. The comment on the post read, “Damn, already on Tinder” as reported Sputniknews.


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