Insulin by Mouth and Without Needles

Insulin by Mouth and Without Needles
Insulin by Mouth and Without Needles Credit: Pixabay

Insulin by mouth and without needles.

A TEAM of international scientists including Spanish scientists has developed a breakthrough new method of insulin administration. In what could change the lives of many diabetes patients’, scientists have developed a method of delivering insulin by mouth and without needles. The study has only just been published in the Chemical Science journal.

It is hoped that this new research will lead to needle-free treatment for humans in the future. Speaking of the study and this new technology, Cristina Sáez explained that, “Compared to the two FDA-approved technologies, our system is biocompatible, highly stable in the stomach, cost-effective, specific and glucose-sensitive, representing a step forward in the future of oral insulin delivery and a new avenue towards the treatment of type 1.”


Previously the FDA has approved two technologies that are currently in late stage trials, but they are both said to suffer from problems which include high cost and potential damage to the stomach. From testing carried out so far it is believed that this new method will be kinder on the body.

Many diabetes patients have to suffer from regular insulin injections in order to regulate and control the level of glucose in the blood and insulin injection treatment is not kind on the body as it has certain side effects. It is hoped that in the future oral treatments will improve the quality of life of diabetes patients according to La Vanguardia.

In this new research scientists have focused on nanoparticle insulin delivery that is able to control blood sugar levels for around 10 hours. The trial though has not progressed to human testing yet. The team of scientists was led by New York University.


Alex Glenn
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