Janssen Vaccine Will Arrive In Spain Next Tuesday, April 13

Valencia’s Vaccine Drive Kicks Up A Gear
Valencia’s Vaccine Drive Kicks Up A Gear image: wikimedia

CAROLINA DARIUS, The Minister Of Health, Says Janssen Vaccine Will Arrive In Spain Next Tuesday 13

Spain’s Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, during a visit today, Saturday 10, to the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria, has announced the arrival in Spain next Tuesday 13 of the Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine.

Ms Darius was in Gran Canaria to see the vaccination point they will be using in the hospital facility there, for the new vaccine which requires only one dose, forecasting that up to 5.5 million vials of Janssen will arrive in Spain between April and June.


The minister said, “These vaccines arrive early Tuesday morning and in principle, they will be applied according to the latest update of the vaccination strategy, in the same typology as the RNA ones, that is to say, that we will be administering them from 80 years downwards”.

She also wanted to let the public know that experts are evaluating different options regarding the procedure to follow for those who have already received their first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine, eager to stress that the decision taken by the Government “will always come from the hand of scientific evidence”, with that particular vaccine now no longer being given to anybody under the age of 60 in Spain.

Adding, “The decisions that we have made and those that we are going to continue taking, come from the hand of experts who know and can advise us to improve decisions”, explaining that there are different scenarios that can be played out.

Ms Darius pointed out that it is already known that with one dose of AstraZeneca a person is 70 per cent protected against infection, or, as in the case of Germany and France, they have adopted a system where a different second dose with another RNA type vaccine is administered.

“But in any case,” she continued, “we will make the decision we adopt known by the experts who are analyzing the case and, therefore, we must ask for peace of mind. The people involved will have a safe response and in accordance with the circumstances of the methodology of the vaccine in question”.

Regarding the Janssen vaccine, Darias said that the Spanish government is in the hands of the European Medicines Agency and must see what the agency has to say about it, as reported by moncloa.com.

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  1. Spanish Health Ministry is an absolute mess. Mrs. Darias does not know an artery from a vein and is unable to manage the complicate vaccination procedure, her advisor are politians that scarcely know what a virus is. She has created an absolute lack of confidence in the health system with her confusing protocols about vaccination, changing orders and age targets every ten minutes. The Goverment is buying low cost vaccines while spending money in useless ministries.


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