Gluten-Free Labelling Set to Change

Gluten-Free Labelling Set to Change
Gluten-Free Labelling Set to Change Credit: Pixabay

Gluten-Free labelling set to change in Spain as it cannot be used as an advertising argument according to Aesan.

Gluten-free labelling which many consider to be extremely useful is set to change in Spain as the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) and the Ministries of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs have changed the regulations.

The agencies clarified that gluten-free should only be used on packaging when naturally the food could contain gluten, but it has been removed. This is the way it works for other ingredients known to cause intolerances or allergies to people who are sensitive to them.


Many brands have taken to using the gluten-free label on products that naturally would not contain gluten, and this can be seen by some as an advertising ploy set to promote their food above other similar brands. Many people though find this labelling super speedy when shopping as they can quickly and easily shop for gluten-free products without having to read all the ingredients.

It was only a year ago that the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) spoke out over supermarkets who are using gluten-free labels on products such as vegetables which obviously would not normally contain gluten.

A gluten-free diet for those who do not need it because of a medical condition is not advised and according to the Ministries of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs consumers should be aware that unless there is a medical reason, then a gluten-free diet gives no health benefits.

Aesan and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs have issued clarification on the gluten-free labelling and indicated that should be reserved for products where gluten has been specifically removed as reported La Vanguardia.


Alex Glenn is a reporter for Spain’s largest English-speaking newspaper, Euro Weekly News. Formerly she worked in the NHS for 15 years until relocating to Spain in 2018. She loves the Spanish lifestyle, language and culture and spent several years learning Spanish before moving to Spain for a better quality of life. She has made her home in the mountains in Almeria, where she loves being part of a rural community that has a mix of both expats and Spanish residents. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading and exploring the area where she lives.


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