Minke Whale Washed Up On Aguamarga Beach In Níjar

Minke Whale Washed Up On Aguamarga Beach In Níjar
Minke Whale Washed Up On Aguamarga Beach In Níjar. image: flickr

Minke Whale Found Washed Up Dead On Aguamarga Beach In Níjar, Almeria.

THE Equinac association, which through the General Directorate of Biodiversity, Forests, and Desertification is tasked with attending to the stranding of sea turtles and cetaceans on the coast of the province of Almeria, this weekend, along with the Guardia Civil, had to deal with the highly unusual beaching of a dead minke whale, on Aguamarga beach in Níjar, Almeria.

As explained by the NGO in its social network platforms, this whale was a female of the Balaenopteridae family, with a wingspan of almost 3.50 metres, and to help them with the identification process, they called upon the services of notable experts, Eduard Degollada, from the Rorcual Edmaktub project, and Ricardo Sagarminaga, from the Alnitak Save the Med Expeditions organisation.


The whale corpse will be transferred to the University of Almeria for the Equinac team to carry out the necropsy, in a collaboration between Equinac and the Centre for Scientific Collections of the University of Almería-Cecoual, all thanks to the assistance of the town hall of Níjar, “We will see the results of the post-mortem and what data it can offer us,” they commented.

The organisation thanked those who participated in responding to the notice, the Equinac technical team, the Almeria Guardia Civil, and the fishermen who had towed the body to the beach, as well as the UAL scientific collections centre, as reported by m.europapress.es.

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