Almeria Guardia Civil Arrest Four Suspects For Seven Robberies In Níjar

Almería Guardia Civil Arrest Four Suspects For Seven Robberies In Níjar
Almería Guardia Civil Arrest Four Suspects For Seven Robberies In Níjar. image: guardia civil

ALMERIA Guardia Civil Arrest Four Suspects In Connection With Seven Robberies Carried Out In Níjar.

THE Guardia Civil in Almeria has arrested four people as the alleged suspects involved in seven robberies in homes, and inside vehicles, in the municipality of Níjar through three unrelated actions that led to the confirmation of three robberies involving breaking and entering, with the use of violence and intimidation, in homes in the area, and four robberies inside cars.

The Guardia Civil, in a press release, tells how two of the detainees are suspected of carrying out a robbery inside a house in the San Isidro de Níjar neighbourhood, where they were caught in the act by the homeowners, who were subsequently attacked by the detainees, and had to be treated for the injuries they had sustained, at the Hospital de Alta Resolución in El Toyo.


During the house robbery, the alleged thieves stole several pendants, bracelets, and €200 in cash, but, they were arrested shortly after, having already been arrested last February after being caught in the act by a Guardia Civil patrol when they committed a robbery in an uninhabited house in the same area, with a judge in Almeria now sentencing both to provisional prison.

The other two detainees were also caught by the injured homeowners when they had broken into their vehicle and tried to steal objects from inside, an action which led to them being identified and charged with similar thefts that had been reported in three other cars in Níjar, with the details of the robberies, and the detainees, placed before a court in Almeria, as reported by
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