Trial Begins In León Over Deaths Of Six Miners In 2013

Trial Begins In León Over Deaths Of Six Miners In 2013
Trial Begins In León Over Deaths Of Six Miners In 2013.

TRIAL Begins In León Over The Deaths Of Six Miners In 2013 In The Emilio del Valle mine

The long-awaited trial began this Monday 5, for the death of six miners that occurred back in October 2013, at the Emilio del Valle mine, in the municipality of La Pola de Gordón, in the province of León.

The trial is taking place in the Criminal Court 2 of León, under the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, and in the dock will be the defendant, Hullera Vasco Leonesa, who is the owner of the Emilio del Valle mine where tragically, six miners lost their lives on October 28, 2013, allegedly due to a leak of firedamp gas.


The firedamp, which caused the death by asphyxiation of the six miners and the poisoning of five other workers, is more than 90% methane gas and is formed at the same time as coal. It may contain other gases such as carbon dioxide or monoxide and is usually odorless, so it is only detectable with specific instruments.

All six of the deceased were experienced miners, aged from 35 to 45 years, who at the time of their death were working on the seventh level of the mine, with one of the men hailing from Asturias, while the other five came from the Leonese towns of Pradilla, Bembibre, Ciñera de Gordón, Fontanos de Torío, and Robles de Valcueva, as reported by

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