SNP Facing Fraud Investigation By Police Scotland

SNP Facing Fraud Investigation By Police Scotland
SNP Facing Fraud Investigation By Police Scotland. image: pinterest

SNP Facing A Fraud Investigation By Police Scotland with the Scottish elections looming On May 6

With the Scottish elections coming up on may 6, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have been hit with allegations of fraud, and Police Scotland have confirmed that an investigation will take place into the party’s finances, with a police spokesperson saying on Saturday 3, “We received an allegation of fraud around 4.40pm on Thursday, 25 March, 2021”, but did not offer any further information.

Scottish Labour’s deputy leader, Jackie Baillie, said, “This is a concerning development which requires swift answers from the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. Scotland deserves better than the wave of scandals and distractions that have defined the SNP. We need a parliament focused on solutions – not a circus – and that’s why Scottish Labour are focused on delivering our national recovery plan”.


While the Scottish Lib Dem’s election campaign chairman, Alistair Carmichael MP, commented, “This is the latest story that shows something rotten in the state of the SNP. They have been in power too long and have taken the people of Scotland for granted”.

He added, “The various internal conflicts within the party are more important to them than the recovery. They now need to be removed and replaced by parties like the Liberal Democrats who will put recovery first”.

Miles Briggs, the Scottish Conservative chief whip, said, “While we remain entirely focused on blocking a divisive independence referendum and building back from the pandemic, the Nationalists are at war with each other”.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s are no longer content with dividing our country as they turn on one other with increasing venom. These serious allegations of fraud must be fully investigated, without fear or favour, to establish if there has been any criminality”, Mr Briggs added.

A spokesman commenting about the SNP facing fraud allegations said, “There have been attempts for some time by opponents of the SNP to stir this up. It is part of an ongoing dirty tricks campaign and, like most conspiracy theories, utterly baseless”.

Adding, “The SNP has no knowledge of any investigation but will be more than happy to set out the facts should questions be asked of us by any appropriate authority. The money raised has already helped us set up an Independence Unit, make other preparations for a referendum, and budget for £600,000 of independence-related campaigning in the year ahead”, as reported by

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  1. The SNP’s main threat is to the rule of law in Scotland. It is not just thier personal lawlessness but thier attirtude to law in general. That is a fundamental issue and is explored in this book: “The Justice Factory: Can the Rule of Law Survive in 21st Century Scotland?” (Ian Mitchell, 2020) The Foreword was written by Lord Hope of Craighead, ex-Deputy President of the UK Supreme Court and the Professor of Public Law who is author “Constitutional Law of Scotland” wrote the Introduction to Part II. It is not a party political argument, and has been endorsed by both Ian (“Stone of Destiny”) Hamilton QC and Adam Tomkins, the Tory MSP who is also Professor of Constitutional law in the University of Glasgow.
    It is an as yet untold story, but a very, very important. You can support the cause of ridding Scotland of political fixers and power-grabbers by circulating the book as widely as you can. Details on Amazon (UK).


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