Several Injured in Fight at A Teatinos Bar Over Covid Regulations

Several Injured in Fight at A Teatinos Bar Over Covid Regulations
Several Injured in Fight at A Teatinos Bar Over Covid Regulations

SEVERAL have been injured in a fight at a Teatinos Bar when young people clashed with employees over Covid regulations.

A group of young clients drinking at Le Grand Cafe, a cafeteria in Malaga, clashed with employees after they were told to follow regulations by wearing their masks and adhering to social distancing guidelines.


At least a dozen people were involved in the fight, several sustained minor injuries and a car was also damaged.

The incident happened at around 6:30 pm and several calls were made to 112 emergency services. According to reports from emergency services, around 20 young people were involved in the brawl, where chairs and bottles had been thrown.

According to Kike Colorado, one of the people responsible for the cafeteria, said: “The employee who is in charge of controlling compliance with the Covid regulations approached repeatedly to inform them that they should remain at their tables. In the end, they began to argue and say that they did not like the ways in which they were told and began to push him.”

The argument over following the guidelines then escalated into a physical altercation which began with shoving and then the group came to blows with employees. In the terrifying video footage that is circulating on social networks, at least a dozen individuals can be seen participating in the brawl at the premises.

Once the group were removed from the premises, the fight then continued outside.

The local police were called and the instigators of the fight will be required to speak to the National Police regarding the incident.

Sources: La Opinion de Malaga  &  Sur

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