Bullfights To Be Held For The Next Five Years At Inca Bull Ring

Bullfights To Be Held For The Next Five Years
Bullfights To Be Held For The Next Five Years

A COMPANY in Madrid has just signed a five-year deal to stage bullfights at the Inca bull ring.

A company based in Madrid that manages and promotes bullfights in Spain, Tauroemoción, has signed an agreement with the Inca bullring to hold bullfights there for the next five years. The last bullfight at the Inca ring was in October 2019.


Traditionally, there has always been a bullfight for the fiestas of patron saints Senen and Abdon, taking place in late July. However, an event has not taken place in recent years.

Alberto García, the executive director of Tauroemoción, has said that as soon as health regulations allow, Manuel Diáz ‘El Cordobés’ will be among the first of the bullfighters to come to Inca. “We want to recover the splendour and the bullfighting following that have been traditional of Inca.”

Manuel Diáz is the son of the original ‘El Cordobés’, a Spanish bullfighter, matador, and actor who was active in the 1960s and brought an unorthodox theatrical style to the bullring.

Legislation was drafted by The Balearic government of PSOE and Més with the support of Podemosto to ban bullfighting in the Balearics. However, the legislation was dropped when the Constitutional Court in Madrid ruled that the ban in Catalonia was unconstitutional.

The Balearic government then passed a revised law, the Ley de Toros, which contained details designed to make the staging of bullfights unarguable – such as not allowing bulls to be killed in the ring.

Bullfighting in Spain is intimately linked with tradition, history, art and culture, however, animal rights groups such as PETA have put increasing pressure on the Spanish Government to ban them.

Source: Majorca Daily Bulletin

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