Body of Immigrant Found on Beach in Ceuta

Body of Immigrant Found on Beach in Ceuta
Body of Immigrant Found on Beach in Ceuta. Image: Wikimedia

THE body of an immigrant has been found on a beach in Ceuta.

The immigrant’s body was found on a beach in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

According to reports, the Guardia Civil found the lifeless body of an immigrant, about 60 years old and with French documentation among his few belongings, on a beach in Ceuta near the border with Morocco.


As reported by sources from the Armed Institute, police found the body after receiving reports of a lifeless person on the beach of Benzu.

Police reportedly believed the body could be that of an immigrant of Moroccan origin who had tried to swim to the city, but the Guardia Civil confirmed that the man was carrying French documentation.

The man was dressed and an investigation has been opened by the Judicial Police to determine the situation of this person.

The Guardia Civil reportedly suspect the man may be a citizen who was in Moroccan territory and died while trying to reach the Spanish coast by swimming or that he was going to make the crossing in the opposite direction due to the closure of the borders.

The agents of the Special Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS) removed the body from the water and began the judicial authority to remove it.

The body has been transferred for an autopsy that will reveal the exact causes of death, although everything indicates that he drowned since no signs of violence were found.

The news comes after an immigrant died after trying to swim to the shore of Melilla during a storm after being rescued from the water by the Guardia Civil along with two others.



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