Málaga Police Need Pepper Spray To Subdue Man Who Jumped Traffic Lights

Driver In Malaga Caught Twice In 48
Driver In Malaga Caught Twice In 48. CREDIT: Policia Local Malaga

MÁLAGA Police Need Pepper Spray To Subdue The Occupant Of A Vehicle That Jumped A Red Light

Two officers from the Málaga Local Police force witnessed a vehicle jump a red traffic light on Avenida Velázquez, in the capital, so they proceeded to stop it and ask for the driver’s documentation in order to sanction the relevant fine to the driver, normally a routine procedure, but in this instance, it ended with one of the car’s occupants rolling on the floor with one of the officers.

The incident occurred some weeks ago – the two occupants of the vehicle were of Nigerian nationality, aged 40 and 42 – and when the car stopped, the two men reportedly confronted the police officers aggressively, accusing them of being racist, even though they were the ones who had committed the offence of jumping the red light.


In their statement to diariosur.es, the officers told how the occupants refused to show any identification, and the passenger opened his door, banging it into the officer, who told him to remain in the vehicle, but he eventually exited the car and the two ended up struggling, as the man tried to flee the scene, using excessive aggression against the officer and they fell onto the floor, where the policeman used his pepper spray to subdue the aggressor and prevent any injury.

Both occupants of the vehicle were arrested on crimes of resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer, and reportedly, were even aggressive when being shown into the police vehicle, as reported by diariosur.es.

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