Spanish Artist Maruja Mallo Artworks Claimed to Be Fakes

Spanish Artist Maruja Mallo Artworks Claimed to Be Fakes
Spanish Artist Maruja Mallo Artworks Claimed to Be Fakes Credit: Twitter

SPANISH ARTIST MARUJA MALLO artworks featured at an exposition in Spain’s Galicia claimed to have been fakes.

It has been claimed by experts that the Spanish artist Maruja Mallo’s 18 pieces of art that appeared in a Galician art exhibition were all in fact fakes. The news has come out as a letter from experts appeared a year after the exhibition was hosted in order to celebrate the Spanish artist.

Sadly, Mallo died in 1995 but her work lives on. She had been associated with the “Generation of 27” which included the likes of Federico García Lorca, María Teresa León, Rafael Alberti, Ernestina de Champourcín, Pedro Salinas and Rosa Chacel.


An exhibition was hosted by the Galicia town of Lalín in January 2020. The town which is located in the north-west of Galicia celebrated the Galician heritage, and featured the work of Mallo and Luís Seoane, but now claims have surfaced suggesting that the artwork was not actually created by Mallo.

The artist had spent many years living in South America after she was exiled from Spain after the Spanish Civil War.

The Galician exhibition entitled Precisely Made Magical Creations, featured a collection of 43 works which were alleged to have been created between 1936 and 1965 by the artists in Argentina. The artists have been hailed as “two of Galicia’s all-time most important artists”.

The authenticity of the artwork that was featured at the exhibition which closed on 13 March 2020 has now come into question. Not only were the entire 18 works of Mallo questioned in their authenticity, but also several of the pieces of work attributed to Seoane.


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