From Young to Old in the Blink of an Eye in a Spanish ICU

From Young to Old in the Blink of an Eye in a Spanish ICU
From Young to Old in the Blink of an Eye in a Spanish ICU Credit: Twitter

FROM young to old in the blink of an eye in a Spanish ICU, as one ICU nurse shows how he has turned grey and aged in the space of a year.

A Spanish ICU nurse has showed the dramatic physical changes that he has undergone in only a year of the Coronavirus pandemic. As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to rage across the world, healthcare professionals are still dealing magnificently with the crisis and ongoing stress and demands placed on them. The stresses though are definitely taking a toll, and one Spanish nurse has set out to prove this.

Víctor Aparicio took to Twitter to post about a year of the pandemic and how it has aged him as an ICU nurse in Spain. He posted to say how, “I’m an ICU nurse. A year separates these two images. I think the change on the outside is evident. You can’t imagine the inside”.


The two photos show the dramatic difference which the nurse has undergone during the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has stressed both health services and health professionals across the globe to their limits and beyond at times.

In the space of only a year Aparicio has gone from young -looking and healthy to having completely white hair. The nurse went on to explain how it feels to have lived in the pandemic and said, “it seems like decades have passed” since the first photo of him was taken. He truly has gone from young to old.

Aparicio has spoken out about the situation that the health system and health workers have faced during the ongoing pandemic. He explained that, “How have we been able to forget so soon and normalise what should never have been normal? Only one year has passed. From heroes to villains. It hurts the chest. A lot,”

“One year after speaking out in the media denouncing the precarious situation of health workers, I am gray-haired and investigated by my hospital. What an enormous sadness, what frustration, what will go…. I can’t understand it”



Source: La Sexta


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