Albox COVID 19 Mural Vandalised in Spain’s Almeria

Albox COVID 19 Mural Vandalised in Spain's Almeria
Albox COVID 19 Mural Vandalised in Spain's Almeria Credit: Facebook

ALBOX COVID 19 mural which celebrated the work of health services in the fight against COVID 19 has been vandalised in Spain’s Andalucia.

Spain’s Department of Youth, Gender and Social Inclusion Policies in Albox has spoken out after the COVID 19 mural which was created by the towns young people was defaced. The mural which was only created in October has now been vandalised.

Sadly, the mural which had been carefully crafted has now been defaced in an act of anonymous vandalism. The mural had been created to celebrate the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus.


Juan Luis Montoya Valle, for the Department of Youth, Gender and Social Inclusion Policies took to Facebook to publicise the shocking vandalism and said he wanted to “show our repulsion to all acts of vandalism”. He spoke of how the vandals had acted with anonymity and malice to spoil the artwork.

In the Facebook post he spoke of how the mural was made to mark how the coronavirus has affected our lives whether you believe in it or not. He went on to say that, “Since we live in a democratic country, freedom of expression is totally respectable, but as long as it respects others, that is the real pandemic that must be eradicated, the bad practice of many, the lack of civility, bad education, lack of tact, lack of knowledge, lack of respect and incoherence.

“True education begins with respect for yourself and for others.”



Alex Glenn is a reporter for Spain’s largest English-speaking newspaper, Euro Weekly News. Formerly she worked in the NHS for 15 years until relocating to Spain in 2018. She loves the Spanish lifestyle, language and culture and spent several years learning Spanish before moving to Spain for a better quality of life. She has made her home in the mountains in Almeria, where she loves being part of a rural community that has a mix of both expats and Spanish residents. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading and exploring the area where she lives.


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