Thousands Trying to Bypass The Easter Restrictions in Spain

Thousands Trying to Bypass The Easter Restrictions in Spain
Thousands Trying to Bypass The Easter Restrictions in Spain policia nacional

THOUSANDS have been caught attempting to bypass the Easter restrictions in Spain, including illegal parties and road violations.

Thousands of people have already been caught trying to bypass the Easter restrictions put in place because of Covid-19.


Travel violations

This Wednesday, the Civil Guard announced a total of 1,365 violations of the perimeter closure and controlled a total of 28,583 around Spain.

There have been 64,200 National Police and Civil Guard officers deployed this Easter to ensure compliance with the Covid restrictions, which includes perimeter closures of each region.

The Minister of Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, recently reported that controls will be intensified on the roads on short routes. This is the second consecutive year that Spaniards have had to stay at home, and Easter is the holiday that traditionally has the highest number of journeys taking place on the roads.

Illegal Parties in Madrid

The Municipal Police of Madrid has recorded a total of 1,680 complaints of people being outside without justification during the restricted night hours, as well as attending to a total of 502 illegal parties and meetings since March 26.

Drones were activated for surveillance in Centro and used on Saturday in the Rastro de Vallecas and on Sunday in El Rastro, Centro district.

There will be a reinforcement of between 150 to 220 officers each day (depending on the day), which will continue until April 4.

The vice president and spokesman of the Board, Francisco Igea, and the Minister of Development and the Environment, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, reminded people in a press conference that breaking the rules of the restrictions comes with consequences.

“I believe that our population is not thinking about how to escape the restrictions, I believe that our population is thinking about how to escape the coronavirus,” said Igea, who is convinced that the “vast majority” of citizens comply with the rules and are doing everything possible to stop the virus. As opposed to those who try to evade the rules, which is also seen on a daily basis, although it has been claimed that the sanctioning regime is having an effect.

Source: 20 minutos

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