Spanish Authorities Warn of Vaccine Scam Targeting Elderly

Spanish Authorities Warn of Vaccine Scam Targeting Elderly
Spanish Authorities Warn of Vaccine Scam Targeting Elderly. Image: Twitter

SPANISH authorities have warned of a vaccine scam which is targeting elderly people in Sevilla.

The authorities are saying the Spanish vaccine scam targeted elderly people over the age of 80.

The Junta de Andalucia said the scam caused around 4,000 people to come out get vaccinated without having been called to do so after residents received a message saying anyone who wanted a vaccine could do so by turning up at the vaccination point at the Sadus University Sports Centre in Sevilla.


The scam saw the vaccination centre overrun with those wanting a vaccine, making it harder for officials to administer the vaccines to those who had been called to receive theirs.

According to the Junta de Andalucia, around 2,000 people had turned up to be vaccinated before the number grew to 4,000 following a message telling people they did not need an appointment to receive their jab.

The Ministry of Health called in more staff to help deal with the increased numbers at the centre.

The Andalucian Health Service has announced that its legal services are preparing a complaint against the scammers, showing messages received by elderly people saying they would be vaccinated without being called if they went to the centre.

The Junta thanked the Sevilla Local Police and volunteers from the Civil Protection service who came out to help with the large number of people who turned up at the centre.

The news comes after the Spanish authorities have said that more than 90.8 per cent of over 80s in Andalucia have been vaccinated.



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