Rincon de la Victoria Implements Environmental Stations

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THE City Council of Rincon de la Victoria implements environmental stations.

The City Council of Rincon de la Victoria has implemented four environmental stations that will offer information about the weather to tourists and citizens.


The meteorological stations will measure things such as relative humidity, air temperature, ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric pressure precipitation and the direction and speed of the wind.

The meteorological measurement stations will be located in Benagalbón library, Mare Nostrum room in La Cala del Moral, the tourist office in Rincón de la Victoria, and in Torre de Benagalbón.

There will also be cameras used to capture images.

Josefa Carnero (PP), the Councillor for New Technologies, said that the environmental stations seek to monitor and offer new information services about the environment to citizens and tourists arriving in the town.

Francisco Salado (PP), the mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, stressed that this will offer a new service “that provides more and better environmental information to everyone in our municipality.”

“Without a doubt, very important to prepare our day to day if we are neighbours or possible trips for tourists who want to come,” he added.

13 Malaga city councils participate in the Smart Costa del Sol initiative, which is within the smart cities plan for the Digital Agenda in Spain.

Where Can I access the Information?

You can access the collated information here.

The information will also soon be available on the Rincon de la Victoria tourism portal.

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