Malta Set to Welcome Fully Vaccinated Brit Tourists from June 1

Malta Set to Welcome Fully Vaccinated Brit Tourists from June 1
Malta imposes new rules. Image: Pixabay

MALTA is set to welcome Brit tourists that have been fully vaccinated for the coronavirus from June 1.

In very welcome news the Malta tourism authority have confirmed that they are set to welcome British tourists to the European archipelago if they have been fully vaccinated against the potentially deadly coronavirus.

This could see many Brits able to top up their tans and enjoy the culture and cuisine in Malta very soon. In order to travel Brits will be required to prove they have received both doses of the Coronavirus 19 vaccine, and the tourists will need to have been vaccinated a minimum of 10 days before they arrive for their holidays.


On a money-saving front there is also good news in the form of PCR tests, in that passengers will not have to provide a negative PCR test. Previously a negative PCR test within 72 hours of travelling had been required. Currently though the UK is on Malta’s red list, which means British sun worshippers will have to wait a little while longer before they can hit the beach.

Speaking of the popular Brit holiday destination, Tolene Van Der Merwe, Director UK & Ireland of Malta Tourism Authority explained that, “Malta is a very popular destination for British holidaymakers and is a key contributor to Malta’s economy, so we are excited to welcome back fully vaccinated travellers from the United Kingdom from June 1, 2021.”

Van Der Merwe also spoke of the eagerness of Malta to receive British tourists and said, “The people of Malta are looking forward to tourists returning who have loved our sunshine, culture, food and warm spirit year in year out.”

Once in Malta holidaymakers will be able to relax as the country has set out a series of coronavirus preventative measures to keep everybody safe. Van Der Merwe explained that, “Malta has implemented its Sunny and Safe Covid protocols, so visitors can be reassured that all restaurants, accommodation and service providers must comply with the highest levels of cleanliness and safety.”



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