Águilas Residents Find Dead Cow Washed Up On Beach

Águilas Residents Find Dead Cow Washed Up On Beach
Águilas Residents Find Dead Cow Washed Up On Beach. image: ayto Águilas

Águilas Residents Find The Corpse Of A Dead Cow Washed Up On Rafal Beach.

THE corpse of a dead cow weighing several hundred kilos, and in a very bad state of advanced decomposition, was discovered washed up on the Rafal beach in Águilas, in the province of Murcia, last Sunday by residents, with Bartolomé Hernández, the Agriculture minister of Águilas saying, “We rule out that the animal is from Águilas because there is no livestock here.”

PACMA (similar to the RSPCA in the UK) shared the news on its social media platforms and blamed the ships that transport animals, commenting, “Ships that transport live animals, such as the Karim Allah and the Elbeik, often throw overboard those who die from the harsh conditions. How long? @desdelamoncloa?”

A spokesperson for Águilas Town Hall told NUIS that they believe the animal had been washed down from Cabo de Palos in Cartagena by the strong current created by the strong Levante wind of the past days.


This is not the first time that an animal corpse has been washed up on a Spanish beach, as on March 6, another carcass was found on the beach at Cunit, in Tarragona, and a spokesman for PACMA said he thought it highly likely that the cow had come from either of the animal transport ships, the Karim Allah or the Elbeik.

Both of those ships had reportedly been ordered by the Ministry of Agriculture to dock in Cartagena and slaughter their cargos of animals, after having been at sea in the Mediterranean for more than three months.

On Monday, workers from the Águilas Town Hall had to use a mechanical digger and a lorry with a crane attached, to remove the heavy body of the animal from the beach and dispose of it accordingly, as reported by 20minutos.es.

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