EWN EXCLUSIVE: Alicante Airport Nightmare

EWN EXCLUSIVE: Alicante Airport Nightmare
EWN EXCLUSIVE: Alicante Airport Nightmare

EWN EXCLUSIVE: Alicante airport nightmare as expat couple is turned around by Spanish security and put on a plane back home.

It’s no secret that Spanish authorities are planning to come down hard on British citizens over-staying the 90-day limit, but one expat couple experienced the ultimate nightmare at Alicante-Elche airport after following to the letter everything that the UK government website told them to do. Speaking exclusively to Euro Weekly News, the distraught Brits told of their distress and being shouted at by officials at Alicante airport before being unceremoniously dumped back on the same plane they arrived in on and flown back to the UK.

One of the expats, who prefers to remain anonymous, told EWN he was delighted when he found seats on an easyJet flight coming to Alicante on March 26, after four previous trips had been cancelled by the airlines, as he and his wife were anxious to return to Alicante to finalise the sale of their home here. Having checked the rules on the UK government website, they headed to London Gatwick armed with a signed letter from their Spanish solicitor, an appointment with the notary, and a signed copy of their sales contract with the buyer, along with results of their £330 Covid tests.


Upon arrival in Alicante, Spanish citizens and residents were waved through, while the dozen or so non-residents had all their documentation checked.

When it was the couple’s turn, they were astonished to discover that rather than examining their documents to approve their stay, the Spanish police were instead completing their deportation order. When the man phoned his solicitor, an officer reportedly shouted: “Get off your phone. No pictures.”

The expats were put on the same plane they had travelled to Spain on and returned to Gatwick, without explanation.

“I cannot understand why they were shouting so much. The police captain or chief was the most aggressive and even his other officers seemed surprised at how bad he was,” the disappointed man told EWN.

“We were given a letter each, written in Spanish and told to go home. Then the final insult, like criminals, we were all escorted by guards directly onto the same plane that we had arrived on a few hours earlier.”

The angry expat told EWN that it is hard to accept Boris Johnson’s vow that British people with holiday homes will soon be allowed to travel to Spain after his horrendous experience.

“The grandchildren will be so proud, that Nanny and Grandad got kicked out of a country,” he added ruefully.


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  1. Let’s get a few things straight from this. They were not “expats” as they were still legally resident in the UK. They were coming here to sell their “home” here, in other words they, like a lot of those finally being told to get out, were illegally residing in Spain as indicated by their immediate deportation and had well overstayed their current 90 restriction and their 183 day previous restriction. The question that should be asked, before demonising the Spanish authorities, is just what were they doing for the last 4 years of Brexit during which time they had plenty of opportunity to sell up and “go home”, or at least become legally resident or at least obey the, then, 183 day rule and subsequent 90 rule which would have been recorded by immigration when they swiped their passports at passport control. Or was this just another pair who had the notion that, “Spain will never throw us out, were British and they need our money”?
    I believe this is simply a case of “chickens coming home to roost” as it is for a lot of “illegals”…


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