Mum Executed by Her Daughter Under Eye for an Eye Revenge Law

Mum Executed by Her Daughter Under Eye for an Eye Revenge Law
Mum Executed by Her Daughter Under Eye for an Eye Revenge Law Credit: Pixabay

MUM executed by her daughter under eye for an eye revenge law.

According to reports a mum in Iran has been executed by her daughter in order to get revenge. Maryam Karimi along with her father Ebrahim murdered her husband 13 years ago after a history of violent abuse. The husband would not agree to a divorce and eventually Miriam killed him in what authorities considered a pre-meditated murder. Father Ebrahim, was not given the death penalty though.

Maryam has spent the last decade in jail for the murder but on March 13 the ultimate punishment was carried out as Maryam’s daughter took part in her execution. Maryam’s daughter was only six-years-old at the time of her father’s death but some 10 years later she took part in the execution of her mother.


The Islamic Republic permits and ‘an eye for an eye’ or ‘Qisas’, when a defendant is charged with ‘retribution in kind’.

Speaking of the execution Aram Bolandpaz, a journalist and activist explained that, “Four decades of brain-washing at schools, extreme punishments in Iranian society and a patriarchal regime mean that Maryam’s daughter was raised to make sure that executing her mother was a victory for a man, whether that be for her father or for the oppressive regime.

“Qisas is inhumane, savage, and cruel, no matter where in the world. For a country which prioritises the rights of unborn babies and emphasises that life is the most valuable phenomenon, how can the Islamic Republic seize a life from someone in such an awful way.”

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