Almería Guardia Civil Pick Up Eight Immigrants Walking Through The Countryside

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Granada Traffic Accident Leaves 18-Year-Old Youth Dead. Credit: Twitter

ALMERÍA Guardia Civil Pick Up Eight Immigrants Walking Through The Countryside near  San José 

Guardia Civil officers in Almería surprised eight illegal immigrants yesterday, Friday 12, all of them young and from Algeria, when they were intercepted walking through the Almeria countryside on the way to the municipality of San José.

Hours before, Rubén Pulido, the expert on immigration policies, had revealed on his official Twitter profile that a fast boat was found on the coast of that town with its engines intact, with the occupants quickly fleeing inland as soon as they touched Spanish soil, to escape the controls of the state security forces.


Pulido told OK Diario that “in the last two days several boats have arrived in Almería, and as always happens, the Guardia Civil and National Police are not enough. There are many boats that are never intercepted, and this is a clear example of it”.

As detailed by the expert on immigration policies to OK Diario, a motorized boat with Arabic serigraphy had appeared on Friday morning on the coast of San José, an Almería municipality of just 850 inhabitants, located within the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Nijar.

Rubén Pulido also mentioned on his social network today, Saturday 13, that Maritime Rescue officers “are furious when they see that their Algerian colleagues intercepted a boat that was coming towards Spanish coasts”, which shows that “Algerian operatives can block this invasion”.

“Why won’t they do it more often?” he questions, asking for explanations in this regard from Hana Jalloul Muro, the Spanish Secretary of State for Migration.

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