Experts believe wife killer knew exactly what he was doing

Experts believe wife killer knew exactly what he was doing
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FORENSIC experts say that the man who killed his wife with an axe in Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, “knew what he was doing.”

The woman died on January 26, 2019 after having been kicked and punched almost 100 times and given nine blows to the head with an axe which actually caused her death.


Her husband initially told police that he had killed her because “he was fed up” with her after 47 years marriage.

On the first day of his trial this week, the defendant said in court that he was “drunk out of his mind” when he killed his wife in their home. He admitted that he had hit her “everywhere” with the axe and that it could have been “1,000 times” because he “didn’t know” what he was doing.

The events reportedly took place at around 3.30pm when he arrived home and had an argument with his wife, who wanted to leave, but he prevented her from doing so by locking the door and putting both sets of keys in his pockets, which she tried to take from him.

The argument allegedly continued until he covered her mouth with his hand and then grabbed her round the neck with both hands.

He allegedly punched her in the face causing her to fall down some stairs and when she tried to escape, he dragged her into the basement where he continued to kick and punch her until he finally took a large axe and killed her.

After that, he called one of their daughters saying “I think I have killed your mother.” He later called the emergency services and told them that he had killed his wife, which he also admitted to the National Police who arrived on the scene.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution, asking for 25 years in prison, and the Private Prosecution, asking for permanent reviewable prison, maintain that he was “fully aware” of the “macabre” crime he was perpetrating.

The defence wanted the court to take into account the circumstances of the accused, who they say was brutally beaten by his father as a child, lost two fingers in a work accident, and was an alcoholic who was drunk at the time of the attack.

He said in court that his relationship with his wife was not good because he drunk a lot and came home late, which led to constant arguments because she was “fed up” with his behaviour. He also said that during the attack he hit his wife with the blunt side of the axe and stopped when he got tired and she was no longer moving.

He denies that it was his intention to kill his wife.

Experts on the second day of the trial said that he “killed her because he wanted to,” because he no longer had feelings for her, and was only slightly drunk.

They also explained that she had been kicked so hard that her broken ribs had perforated her lungs, that her spinal cord sustained damage and that the attack with the axe was so violent that her brain was “squashed” and the injuries went from one side of her skull to the other.

Finally, they said that it would have been impossible for her to defend herself.

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